Weed Control

We have over 15 years experience in aquatic weed control and technologies, which is the preferred option for several Queensland councils due to proven long term results over the past 15 years.

Abco uses a unique purpose built patented vacuum transfer system, allowing qualified divers to selectively remove the problematic plants & underwater weeds including the root system, and transfer to a filtration system to eliminate silt & mud. This water weed removal process results in the whole plant being removed and disposed of without disturbing the substrate or native materials. We also provide bathymetric weed surveys, video, still shots and detailed progress reports on our underwater weed control and removal projects.

Our equipment allows us to operate in a wide range of water bodies including potable water dams, lakes and rivers. We can remove weed from very shallow water along shorelines to depths up to 30m in an environmentally friendly, safe and cost effective way. We are based on the Sunshine Coast but provide our underwater weed control services to the entire South East Queensland region including Gold Coast & Brisbane. We also provide aquatic weed control technology services to the entire east coast of Queensland, and will travel to northern Queensland, other parts of Queensland and New South Wales when required.

Need some advice on aquatic weed control for your local waterway? Contact us today!

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Abco Commercial Diving - for all your underwater aquatic weed control, bathymetric weed surveys - video - still shots - detailed progress reports, weed removal potable water dams, weed removal lakes, weed removal rivers, marine weed control services. Servicing Queensland, New South Wales, South East Queensland, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Cairns, East Coast of Australia, Eastern Australia, QLD, NSW - contact us for other areas.