Do you have a submerged vessel, car or debris that requires salvaging? Abco have a survey vessel that can be used in the salvaging process to conduct marine searches, transport marine equipment and also use as a dive platform.

Using ADAS certified divers, dive equipment, lifting bags and dive floats, we are able to locate and surface submerged vessels, equipment, cars, debris etc. There is constant communication between the surface crew and the divers during the salvage process.

We also can conduct underwater rigging on larger projects in conjunction with cranes or tow trucks for salvaging of larger vessels. Where possible we can conduct minor repairs to vessels.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast but provide our underwater salvaging services to the entire South East Queensland region including Gold Coast & Brisbane. We also provide our underwater salvaging services to the entire east coast of Queensland, and will travel to northern Queensland, other parts of Queensland and New South Wales when required.

Need some help with underwater salvaging? Contact us today!

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Abco Commercial Diving - for all diving services such as Salvage & Lift,  Dredge - Air Lift,  marine Search - Recovery, locate and surface submerged vessels, locate and surface submerged equipment, locate and surface submerged cars, locate and surface submerged debris. Servicing Queensland, New South Wales, South East Queensland, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Cairns, East Coast of Australia, Eastern Australia, QLD, NSW - contact us for other areas.