Core Sampling/Scientific/Surveys

Abco Piston/Grab Sampling/Surveys

We provide marine grab sampling and piston sediment sampling services for scientific groups. Abco can take onboard our vessel various equipment and a limited number of personnel to specific marine locations, using up to date navigation technology and skilled staff, resulting in works being completed with maximum efficiency.

Abco conduct bathymetric surveys in various water bodies, using high definition video or still images.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast but provide our core sampling & underwater survey services to the entire South East Queensland region including Gold Coast & Brisbane. We also provide our underwater scientific services to the entire east coast of Queensland, and will travel to northern Queensland, other parts of Queensland and New South Wales when required.

Contact us today to discuss your underwater core sampling and underwater survey project.

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Abco Commercial Diving - for all your underwater marine survey of Jetties, Pylons, Pontoons, Boat ramps, Props, Anodes, Sonar & Pipeline. For all diving services such as Bathymetric Surveys,  underwater Inspections & Detailed reports,  underwater Piston - Core Sampling - Grab Sampling,  Environmental - Geotechnical,  Geo Fab Installation and Maintenance. Servicing Queensland, New South Wales, South East Queensland, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Cairns, East Coast of Australia, Eastern Australia, QLD, NSW - contact us for other areas.