Latest Projects

Bridge pile clean, inspect and re encasement/ cementious pour/ grouting - State Government

Réservoir inspection and clean - State Government

Salvage in holding tank using intrinsically safe equipment - Lionco

Denso wrapping piles - Local Government

Locate, Clean and Maintenance of 10 treatment plant diffusers - Unity Water

Survey Dissipator pool, Mapping via HD video, accurate measurement of dissipator clearances, checking for structural integrity, removal of debris and potential hazards - SEQ Water

House Boat salvage, 10m, 2 story, twin hull - Insurer

Boat ramp inspection, alignment and securing of toe-planks, denso wrapping, grouting, HD video provided on job completion - LGB

Pipe line intake for saltwater lagoon, HD video survey, clean of intakes, removal of blanking plate and clean, fabrication and installation of new securing braces - LGB

Intake tower inspection, HD video survey and maintenance - State Government

Inspection, installation, removal and maintenance of 3 phase water circulators - Body Corporation

Mooring inspections, installations and maintenance - Public Sector

Car Salvages - LGB

Salvage of 8m mono hull yacht - Insurer

Spillway inspections with HD video - State Government

Intake inspection, removal, clean and maintenance - LGB

Hull inspections, prop clear and clean, anode replacement, sonar installation - Commercial Fishing Vessels

20 year inspection of Intake Towers, spillways and bridge piles with Live HD video feed recording visual/audio - State Government

Bathymetric survey of fresh water lagoon - Blue Mountain Regional Council

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