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Welcome to ABCO

Abco Commercial Diving is an Australian owned and operated commercial diving company. We have over 20 years combined commercial diving experience and provide quality commercial diving services such as weed control, underwater construction, maintenance & demolition, salvaging, core sampling & surveys and training in first aid, CPR & oxygen provision to all areas of Queensland and New South Wales. We are based on the Sunshine Coast, but service the entire South East Queensland region including Gold Coast & Brisbane. We also provide commercial diving services to the entire east coast of Queensland, and will travel to northern Queensland and New South Wales when required.

We provide underwater diving services for the marine industry and government departments, using modern approaches to find superior solutions for client's needs and offer more cost effective alternatives where appropriate.

Commercial diving safety is a main point of focus for Abco, therefore we strictly comply with state regulations and Australian Standards.

Have a commercial diving project that we can help you with? Contact us today!

Our Services

Install, repairs, maintenance,
survey of:

  • Jetties
  • Pylons
  • Pontoons
  • Boat ramps
  • Props
  • Anodes
  • Sonar
  • Pipeline
Salvage & Lift
Bathymetric Surveys
Inspections/Detailed reports
Piston/Core Sampling/Grab Sampling
HD Video/Still Photos
Storage Tank Clearing, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair
Hull Cleaning
Bridge pile clean
Hydraulic Cleaning
Dredge/Air Lift
Broco Cutting
Geo Fab Installation and Maintenance
Vessel Repairs/Maintenance
Mooring Install, Repair, Maintenance
Denso wrapping piles
Réservoir inspection and clean
  • Latest Projects

Recent Diving Projects

car salvaging from water QLD

Abco Commercial Diving - for all your underwater marine install - repairs - maintenance - demolition - survey of Jetties, Pylons, Pontoons, Boat ramps, Props, Anodes, Moorings, Sonar & Pipeline. For all diving services such as Salvage & Lift, Bathymetric Surveys,  underwater Inspections & Detailed reports,  underwater Demolition,  underwater Piston - Core Sampling - Grab Sampling,  underwater Construction,  underwater HD Video - Still Photos,  Storage Tank Clearing, underwater Inspection, underwater Maintenance, underwater demolition, marine Repair, Hydraulic Cleaning,  Dredge/Air Lift,  marine Search/Recovery,  Environmental - Geotechnical,  Concreting,  Broco Cutting,  Geo Fab Installation and Maintenance, Vessel Repairs, vessels Maintenance, hull cleaning. Servicing Queensland, New South Wales, South East Queensland, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Cairns, East Coast of Australia, Eastern Australia, QLD, NSW - contact us for other areas.